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U-Slide Rubber Coated Plastic Hangers 20 Pk Non-Slip Hanger, Ultra Thin Space Saving Pink
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  • This set of 30 heavy duty durable, multifunctional hanger feature a u-slide slit for tight collars, a scarf and tie bar, 2 strap hooks, 360 degree swivel rod hook, and a non-slip shoulder and pant bar! With features like these, our innovative clothing hangers they may very well be the only hangers you’ll ever need!
  • New innovative design suit hangers feature a unique shape that makes hanging different styles of clothing easy as can be. An easy-slide slit allows users to hang narrow collar shirts without stretching them out; simply slide the slit into one side of the collar and adjust the remaining side.
  • A small bar on the closet hangers allow for convenient hanging of scarves, ties, and shawls. 2 strap hooks on the hangers for clothes allow for easy hanging of tanks and thin strap shirts and dresses.

    • Nonslip rubber grips on the dress hangers shoulder keep shirts from sliding off, while the grips on the pant bar keeps Pants slacks and jeans in place and wrinkle free. The non slip pants hangers feature a 360 degree chrome hook makes hanging easy from any angle.
    • Our space saving hangers have a thin frame much like our velvet hangers, that increases closet space by up to 50%! Unlike flimsy plastic hangers, these pant hangers can better endure falls and being packed in boxes for moves.
    U-Slide Rubber Coated Plastic Hangers 20 Pk Non-Slip Hanger, Ultra Thin Space Saving Pink

    Producing Functional and Practical Home Organization Tools for Busy Families

    At Zober, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a tidy home. This is why we have developed products that aid in the decluttering and organization of every household. Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their living space in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization, and take the guess work out of keeping a neat home. Our Zober Hangers are the ultimate hanger in luxurious home organization!

    Product Details:

    At Zober, we’ve developed a hanger that far surpasses the competition. This hanger is incredibly versatile; allowing users to hang shirts, tanks, jackets, outerwear, pants, scarves, ties and more! Made of super strong and durable ABS plastic, these revolutionary hangers can withstand more than your average plastic, wire, or wooden hanger. It also features extras such as u-slide slit for narrow collars, a tie and scarf bar, strap hooks, and non slip grips!

    Why You'll Love It:

    • No More Ruined Collars

      No More Ruined Collars

      You’ve never experienced a hanger like this. How many times have you tried to hang a shirt with a narrow collar, only to become frustrated when doing so results in a stretched out collar? Our awesome hanger fixes this problem!


      Revolutionary U-Line Slit

      Simply slide the u-line slit into one side of your shirt collar, adjust the other side, and done! You’ve hung your narrow-collared shirt without stretching it out! You’ll never want to go back to traditional hangers again!

    • 1 Hanger, More Clothes

      1 Hanger, More Clothes

      Don’t limit yourself to just a pant hanger or just a shirt hanger. Our hangers do it all. Hang a shirt, coordinating pants, and a matching scarf all on one hanger at once. This hanger makes picking your outfits for the week a cinch!


      Maximize Space in Smaller Closets

      Sometimes downsizing is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to get rid of clothing to accommodate a tinier space. These hangers are exceedingly thin; maximizing closet space by up to 50% and allowing you to gain wardrobe space without having to throw out clothes.

    • ABS Plastic Construction

      ABS Plastic Construction

      These hangers are constructed of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, an incredibly durable plastic that is lightweight, flexible, and resilient. The plastic is known for its impact resistance and toughness, deeming it the perfect material for a clothing!


      Stronger, Lighter, Better

      Going off to college? Moving across the country? Plastic and wooden hangers don’t always survive being packed in boxes or being squished in the trunk of the car. Our ultra durable and flexible hangers can and will.

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    Frequently asked Questions
    How wide are the hangers? I have a very narrow closet. Thank you

    Thank you for your inquiry. The hangers are 16 and 1/4'' from shoulder to shoulder. The hanger itself is just under a 1/4'' inch in thickness. 

    How much weight are these hangers designed to hold?

    I'm not sure exactly how much weight they are designed to hold. I do know I have my heavy winter coats hanging on them and they hold up well. I LOVE these hangers 

    Can you hang damp clothes on them?

    The "Zober" hangers have a protective covering that you can hang a damp anything. Thy have more options I've ever seen in a hanger. Zober is a high quality hanger. You will be amazed at the universal application. 

    Are these hangers made of a hard plastic?

    The plastic is definitely firm but hanger has some flexibility because the hanger is thin. It is certainly firm enough to hold clothing hung on it. The pink portions are a rubbery cushioned coating over the firm plastic which helps prevent clothing from slipping off the hanger. 

    Would these hangers good for small/x-small size women blouse? Without ‘hanger pokes’ on shoulders? Thank you.

    Yes I think they work great for any size clothing. I haven’t had any of my clothes come off the hanger with “hanger pokes” and they stay on and don’t fall off. 

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