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Space Saving 4 Tier Skirt Hanger with Adjustable Clips 3 Pack 4-on-1 Hanger


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  • Zober clip hangers pack of 3 are great for hanging skirts, slacks, pants, boots or any other garments or accessories. The multi skirt hangers are perfect for small closets, seasonal storage and essential for dorm rooms.
  • The skirt hanger feature clips with a rubber coating for securely holding garments in place without leaving damaging marks behind. The clips on the non slip skirt hangers are easy to use, allowing users to add and remove clothes quickly.
  • Our skirt hangers with clips are made of durable solid metal with a chrome finish that prevents rust and resists breakage. Rubber grips have been secured over any exposed edges on the tier skirt hangers to prevent any damages to clothes or injuries to skin.
  • These 4 tier hangers store up to 4 different garments. Our space saving skirt hangers use vertical space and save users from having four hangers in a spot where one of our hangers could be.
  • The convenient pant and skirt hangers hook easily onto standard sized closet rods.Metal skirt hangers dimensions: 12 ¾” wide 13 ⅜” from top of hook to bottom of hanger.
Space Saving 4 Tier Skirt Hanger with Adjustable Clips 3 Pack 4-on-1 Hanger

Producing Functional and Practical Home Organization Tools for Busy Families

At Zober, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a tidy home. This is why we have developed products that aid in the decluttering and organization of every home. Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their home in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization, and take the guess work out of keeping a neat home.

At Zober, we strive to attend to customers matters with the utmost haste and professionalism. If you’re looking for functional home organization solutions, then Zober is the brand for you!

  • Zober 4 Tier Skirt Hangers

    Whether you’ve got a ton of skirts to organize or you’re just looking to neatly store the few you have; this is the hanger for you! 4 levels of horizontal storage allows users to tidily hang garments in a way that not only reduces clutter but also transforms the way your closet looks. These practical hangers make closets neater and more functional and can be used to hang a variety of different apparel!


    12 ¾” wide 13 ⅜” from top of hook to bottom of hanger.

Product Details:

No more crowded closets! Our four-tier hangers utilize vertical space rather than horizontal; one of these tiered hangers replaces 4 standard hangers. Perfect for decluttering closet space; these hangers make clothing selection easy, time saving, and stress-free!

Why You'll Love It

  • Easy Grip Rubber Clips

    Easy Grip Rubber Clips

    Having clothes scattered on the closet floor ends here! Our hangers have rubber clip tips that securely grip garments without leaving damaging marks and prevent them from slipping onto the floor!

  • Sturdy Metal With Sleek Chrome Finish

    Sturdy Metal With Sleek Chrome Finish

    These sturdy hangers are made of premium grade metal for strength and resistance against breakage. Our hangers have a sleek, shiny chrome finish that prevents unsightly rust and corrosion; keeping them looking pristine for much longer than copycats. Unlike plastic that can easily be broken, our hangers are resilient against falls and moves ensuring a storage solution that will last for years to come.

  • No Exposed Edges

    No Exposed Edges

    Rely on on a hanger that not only stores garments, but works to keep them safe. Our hangers have been fitted with heavy duty rubber tips over all exposed edges for safe, snag-proof hanging. Users can rest assured that no sharp edges will cause injury to them or damage clothing.

Customer Reviews

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Frequently asked Questions
Are these easy to open yet keep clothes from slipping off?

The clips are still a little hard to open, but I believe they'll get easier as I continue to open and close them. The clothes do not slip off/out of the clips at all though. I like them very much. 

What is the width of the Zober 4-Tier Trouse/Skirt Hanger?

The dimensions of this hanger are 12 ¾” wide and 13 ⅜” from top of hook to bottom of hanger.

Are the clips made from rubber ( latex) or vinyl?

I believe they are a strong rubber....these hangers are great for saving space in your closet...I actually bought 9 and I do love them. 

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