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Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers with Clips - 20 Pack Ivory

SKU: ZO-V503

Price: $23.99
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  • Set of 20 velvet flocked hangers for superior nonslip grip of clothing. The velvet skirt hangers soft texture won’t snag or damage delicate clothing. Versatile and functional these pant hangers allow you to store shirts, and pants or skirts at the same time.
  • 2 metal clips on the clothes hangers hold skirts and pants with ease. The clip hangers feature vinyl tips on the inside to protect clothing from unsightly marks. Each clip can be adjusted to fit different size and widths of garments.
  • Precisely cut notches on the trouser hangers securely hold thin shoulder straps in place. Contoured shoulders help preserve clothing shape and won’t leave damaging bulges.
  • A 360 degree swivel hook on the skirt hangers makes hanging clothes a cinch. The closet hanger hook, as well as the pant clips and bar are finished in shiny chrome and resists corrosion.
  • The hangers for clothes slim, uniform frame increases closet space by 50%. A high quality, sturdy construction ensures a space saving hanger that lasts for years to come. Dimensions: 17 ¾” x 9 ½” from top of hook to bottom of pant bar.
Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers with Clips - 20 Pack Ivory

About Us

At Zober, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a tidy home. This is why we have developed products that aid in the decluttering and organization of every household. Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their living space in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization, and take the guess work out of keeping a neat home. Our Zober Velvet Clip Hangers are the ultimate hanger in luxurious home organization!

Product Details:

A set of hangers that does it all! We’ve combined the nonslip grip of a velvet hanger, with the convenience of a pant clip hanger to bring you ultimate versatility! Hang pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, shorts and more with this 20 pack set of velvet clip hangers. Now you have the capability of hanging an entire outfit on one hanger; hang the pants using the clips and slip a shirt over the shoulders for space-saving power! Swap out your barely functional hangers for these multifunctional hangers today!

Why You'll Love It:

  • Soft Flocked Exterior Provides Protection and Grip

    Soft Flocked Exterior Provides Protection and Grip

    Are you tired of picking up clothing from the closet floor because they slid off the hanger? Have you ever had a hanger snag one of your favorite sweaters, leaving it damaged? Our velvet hangers have a soft flocked surface that never snag or rip your clothing. Even better, the material is nonslip keeping even the most difficult shirts to hang on the hanger always!

  • 360 Degree Swivel Hook

    360 Degree Swivel Hook

    Hanging clothes can be a major pain! Not with these hangers. Our hangers feature a chrome finished stainless steel hooks that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to browse their garments without taking them off of the rack and makes hanging clothes a breeze!

  • Not features Protective Vinyl Inside Clips

    Not features Protective Vinyl Inside Clips

    The 2 metal pant clips are fitted with vinyl tips to protect bottoms from damaging marks ill-made clips can leave behind. Vinyl grips fitted on the inside of each clip provide a secure hold that won’t leave marks on your clothes.The clips are adjustable and slide side-to-side allowing you to accommodate clothing of different sizes and widths.

Frequently asked Questions
Distance between clips?

he clips are adjustable. You may move them as far apart as 12 and 5/8 inches or close together where they are touching.

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