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Premium Underbed Christmas Holiday Ornament Storage Box, Holds 64 Standard Holiday Ornaments,(Green)


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  • Ornament Storage: Bauble ornament box store up to 64 ornaments (32 on each side) with cardboard dividers that help keep decoration ornaments safe from scratches and shattering so they’re always ready to show off for the Christmas season, Easter, Halloween, and other special occasions. 24” x 12” x 6”
  • Space Saving: Slim and compact; this ornament box organizer fits perfectly under beds and in other narrow spaces to keep your home orderly unlike a holiday storage bag or bulkier, cheaper holiday Christmas boxes, bins, and organizers.
  • Sturdy Construction: ornament storage box Christmas made of beautiful non-woven material to resist rips and keep pests, moisture, and dirt at bay.
  • Easy Accessibility: The lid features dual-lift openings to give you full access to either side of the xmas ornament storage containers.
  • Easy Carry: 2 sturdy stitch-secured side handles allow you to easily take your diy Christmas ornaments between Christmas storage room and living room or to take it to an outdoor area.
Premium Underbed Christmas Holiday Ornament Storage Box, Holds 64 Standard Holiday Ornaments,(Green)

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

At Zober, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a tidy home. This is why we have developed products that aid in the decluttering and organization of every home. Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their home in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization, and take the guesswork out of keeping a neat home.

  • Rivet and stitch-secured handles

    Rivet and stitch-secured handles

    Comfortably carry all of your ornaments between destinations with 2 convenient handles on either side of the storage box for simple, convenient transport!

  • Adjustable Cardboard Dividers

    Adjustable Cardboard Dividers

    Adjustable cardboard dividers with 2 levels of storage. Each modular tray section can be removed and configured to hold a wide variety of ornament shapes and sizes.

  • Dual Zipper

    Dual Zipper

    No reason to wrestle with zippers. Dual zipper allows you to smoothly zip and unzip the organizer. and close in two directions making it easier to close overstuffed bag.

Product Details:

If you’re running low on storage space and need a place to store your prized Christmas ornaments we’ve got just the thing! The Zober underbed ornament organizer fits seamlessly under beds and in tight spaces to maximize space and stay out of sight; so you can keep a neat home while also keeping your ornaments safe and organized.

  • Storage: space saving item in all perspectives
  • Collapsible: when not in use
  • Neat and tidy: Center divider for safe storage
  • Closure: by dual zipper
  • Carried: through durable hand grips
  • Divided: through 2 cardboard's and 32 dividers
  • Identification: card slot to identify the content of the box
  • Cheer: box designed with cheery color and Christmas touch

Why You'll Love It

  • Tired of unpacking last year’s ornaments just to find that they’re shattered or broken? That’s a problem of the past with this organizer. The organizer resists crushing, tearing, and puncturing, keeping your ornaments safe and ready for every season.

  • Customizable dividers allow you to store ornaments of different shapes. Adjusting the dividers is easy! Simply reduce or add the dividers according to the shape you need to accommodate!

  • With jolly colors of the Christmas season, it’s hard not to get in the spirit of the season when you spot this festive bag that makes it easy to quickly identify where your ornaments are located.

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