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High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers 20 Pack with Non-Slip Pants Bar Coat Hanger & 360° Swivel Hook


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  • Set of 20 premium lotus wood suit hangers. These luxurious clothes hangers are unlike the rest; made of exceptional quality clear varnished wood with all practical features as a 360 degree chrome hook, a grooved, vinyl covered pant bar, and a contoured shoulder line with perfectly cut notches.
  • Elegantly hand-crafted from the wood of the resilient Lotus tree; these pant hangers have unsurpassed strength and durability. They have been sanded to a smooth, splinter-free finish and coated in clear lacquer for added protection and to bring out the natural woodgrain.
  • The Skirt hangers have a pant bar that allows users to hang pants, skirts, scarves, and more. The pant bar is rounded to eliminate the occurrence of creases and wrapped in clear, grooved vinyl a grip.
  • A contoured shoulder line on the Dress hangers helps clothes keep their original shape; keeping shoulder bulges at bay. The shoulders also feature 2 precisely cut notches for hanging strappy shirts and dresses. A chrome 360 degree hook lets users easily hang clothing from any angle.
  • Our hangers come presented in secure, great for gifting to loved ones on special occasions such as housewarmings and weddings. Dimensions: 17 ¼” from shoulder to shoulder and 8 ⅞” from top of hook to pant bar.
High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers 20 Pack with Non-Slip Pants Bar Coat Hanger & 360° Swivel Hook

About Us

At Zober, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a tidy home. This is why we have developed products that aid in the decluttering and organization of every household. Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their living space in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization, and take the guess work out of keeping a neat home. Our Zober Lotus Wooden Hangers are the ultimate hanger in luxurious home organization!

Product Details:

Not every wooden hanger is made equal. At Zober, we’ve engineered a special type of hanger that surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and look. These hangers are crafted from wood sourced from the lotus tree in China. The resilient lotus tree produces wood that is incredibly durable, perfect for hangers that can withstand the weight of heavy garments such as suits and coats. The wood is sanded down thoroughly for hangers that are splinter-free and smooth to the touch, then finished in a clear lacquer for a gorgeous shine that brings out the natural woodgrain. The hangers have contoured shoulders that imitate the human shape closely, retaining the integrity of your clothing and keeping shoulder bulges from appearing. Cut notches on the shoulder line allow for strappy shirts and dresses to be hung with ease. The pant bar is secured to the hanger and reinforced allowing you to hang heavy pants and jeans without fear of the bar collapsing. The bar is cylindrical in shape for keeping creases at bay and features a grooved, nylon covering that grips garments and prevents them from falling. Finally, the hangers feature a 360 degree swivel stainless steel hook that allows you to hang the hangers from any angle.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Lotus Wood

    Lotus Wood

    We’ve sourced the wood for these hangers from Lotus trees in the forests of China. This wood is strong and durable and allows us to produce hangers that are resilient and reliable for all your closet hanging needs!

  • Stronger Than the Competition

    Stronger Than the Competition

    Why bother with purchasing wood that looks and feels cheap? Our lotus hangers not only look fantastic, they feel it! Our hangers are engineered to withstand years of use and have a solid substantial feel that you just have to feel for yourself!

  • Space Saving Versatility

    Space Saving Versatility

    Look no further! With features like strap notches, a non slip pant bar, and strong, contoured shoulders, these versatile hangers are the only ones you’ll need in your closet. Their strong construction allows you to hang a heavy suit jacket and a matching pair of slacks on the pant bar. Female buyers can hang a strappy blouse, blazer, and skirt all on one hanger, saving space and time!

Frequently asked Questions
What is the inside dimensions of skirt/pant hanger rod? Must be inside dimension between shoulder bars.

The inside dimension of the pant rod is as follows. The top part of the rod is 14 and 7/8 inches and the bottom part of the rod is 16 and 1/2 inches. The measurement of the top part of the rod should be used when trying to figure out what can actually fit properly on these hangers.

What's the diameter of the hook, please? I have a slightly wider bar to hang the hanger on.

The diameter of the hook is 1.5 inches.

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