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Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag - Fits 14 to 20 Standard Rolls Upto 40"- Gift Wrap Organizer,


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  • Protects Gift Wrap: Zipper closure shields christmas gifts wrap protected from pests, dust and dirt keeping christmas wrapping paper rolls looking brand new.
  • Easy Visibility: PVC construction christmas storage bag allows crystal-clear visibility into the wraps bag for easy identification of contents.
  • Space-Saving: Cylinder shaped and narrow holiday storage, the Xmas bag takes up minimal space in storage areas between other holiday wrapping paper storage containers, bins, and boxes.
  • Easy Carry: 2 sturdy, stitch-reinforced handles supports the weight of each wrapping paper roll and makes the wrapping paper holder easy to transport.
  • What You Get: Christmas wrapping paper organizer backed by a 5 year warranty, friendly U.S. customer service, and a satisfaction guarantee.
Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag - Fits 14 to 20 Standard Rolls Upto 40

Gift Wrap Organizer

The cycle of throwing out ripped, wrinkled, and damaged wrapping paper stops now with the Zober Gift Wrap Storage Bag! Our convenient bag keeps up to 20 standard rolls in original condition by keeping them protected and neatly organized ensuring they last longer! Whether you want to build your wrapping paper collection or preserve the rolls you currently have, you can rest assured that they’ll be in perfect order when it’s time to wrap a special gift!

  • Zip-Closure Bag

    Zip-Closure Bag

    Constructed of nonwoven; a breathable material with a zipper-closure to shield your gift wrap from dust, pests, and moisture.

  • Easy Carry

    Easy Carry

    Transporting the bag is easy as can be with 2 sturdy, stitch-reinforced straps to easily tote your wrapping paper.

  • Fit an Entire Collection

    Fit an Entire Collection

    This roomy bag fits up to 20 standard rolls of gift wrapping paper, allowing you to fit an entire set.

Product Details:

Gone with the days of crushed or torn wrapping paper. Keep your wrapping paper collection organized, wrinkle-free, and easy to access with our line of space-saving Zober Gift wrap organizers!

Product Details:

  • Material: Non-woven polyethylene material
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: Up to 14 To 20 inch rolls
  • Dimensions: 40.5"

Space-Saving Designed Storage

  • Closets


    This slim organizer conveniently fits in any corner of even the most cluttered closets. Use vertical closet space by hanging the organizer from a hook! It’s also great for storing in garages, sheds, and attics!

  • Underbeds


    Its narrow shape and low profile is great for storing underbeds and other tight spaces for out-of-sight yet convenient storage!

  • On Shelves

    On Shelves

    Thin and compact, this organizer fits great on top of shelves and takes up minimal room for maximum space efficiency.

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